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Il ruolo della formazione tecnico-professionale per il rilancio della vivaistica forestale

Vincenzo Gonnelli; Moreno Moraldi

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Contenuto in: Atti dei Georgofili 2023

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Ā«The role of Technical-Professional Training for the relaunch of forest nurseriesĀ». From the post-war period to the 2000s, forestry nurseries found a moment of splendor and progress with the release of lots of important publication, on which the nursery technicians who have worked to date, were trained. Unfortunately, in the last 20 years, the sector has lost a large part of its production capacity, mainly because it has not been invested in development and innovation and also because large part of the experience gained by the workers and technicians of the past has also been lost. The new National Forestry Strategy recognizes the multifunctionality of forests, including their landscape and ecological value. The maintenance of these benefits for future generations, combined with the need to spread wooded areas near and within cities, presuppose the relaunch of forest nursery.This process must start with various training courses for employees: a) Regional training aimed at operators and workers through the activation of IeFP courses lasting three years. b) Ensure that in the process of reforming Technical and professional Education, a five-year course of study is guaranteed with a specific address in the forestry sector which also includes forest nursery. c) Activate IFTS post-diploma specialization courses. d) Being able to count on the launch, at national level, of a number even if limited, of LP-02 professionalizing degree courses, to be activated in universities that have logistical conditions favorable, to collaborate with the most important forest nurseries.