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Giampiero Maracchi devoted an enormous amount of energy to the Fondazione CR Firenze, occupying various posts including the presidency from February 2013 to May 2014. He worked particularly hard to support and to boost appreciation of artistic craftsmanship, an area in which no Italian bank foundation had sponsored any specific project until then. It was thanks to him that the Associazione Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte – OMA first saw the light of day in 2010 and went on to develop extensively. Starting out life as an in-house scheme run by the Fondazione CR Firenze, or Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze as it then was, the scheme has grown to such an extent today that every single bank foundation in Tuscany as well as several from other Italian regions are members of it today. The professor was an equally skilled communicator and loved interacting and debating with people on the major issues besetting us today, particularly with regard to future scenarios for this country and for Europe. His inquisitive nature prompted him, when he was President of the Fondazione, to promote a cycle of encounters (a project which has continued under his successors) inviting personalities of the first order to Florence, such as Bank of Italy Director General Salvatore Rossi, European Commission Economic and Financial Affairs Director General Marco Buti or journalist Piero Ostellino. In fact President Umberto Tombari recently extended invitations to former European Commission President Josè Manuel Barroso and to Leonardo SpA CEO Alessandro Profumo.